5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Declutter Your Closet That Will Save You Money And Won't Create Trash | March 2017. Rachel Miller is one of the select interviewees in this article to share knowledge, information, and insight for sustainable practices in the textiles & fashion industry.

Artist Rachel Miller Brings Together Environment, Travel, Textiles, Nature and More |, March 2012. This article discusses Rachel Miller's art work, process, teaching practice and her diverse methodologies of using the environment as subject matter in her work.

Celebrating Earth Day in Style | HAND/EYE Magazine, April, 2011

Inside 12 | University of the Arts/ Asiana Airlines/KArts, June 2010

Slash: Paper under the Knife | Teacher Resource Publication, Museum of Arts & Design, NYC, November 2009

Read My Pins: Madeline Albright | Teacher Resource Publication, Museum of Arts & Design NYC, November 2009

Klaus Moje: Painting with Glass | Teacher Resource Publication, Museum of Arts & Design NYC, May 2009

Object Factory | Teacher Resource Publication, Museum of Arts & Design NYC, October 2008

Fibre Fix | The Bengaluru Pages, October, 2008
This article discusses Rachel Miller's recent work, as well as her visiting professorship at Srishti College of Art, Design and Technology in Bangalore, India.

Tsao Dynasty | Interior Design Magazine, June 2007 Vol 78.
This article features Miller's landscape installation, Passing II. Click on the slideshow image to activate slideshow; Miller's piece is on page 152 & 153.

Con Sogno di una notte di mezza estate si alza il sipario del Mancinelli di Orvieto il 1° settembre | Tribunale di Firenze, August 30, 2007.
This article features Miller's costume design and construction for Sogno di una Notte di Mezza Estate, an original Italian opera based on Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, performed in Orvieto Teatro Mancinelli in Citta della Pieve, Italy, August 2007.

Pricked! Extreme Embroidery  | Teacher Resource Publication, Museum of Arts & Design, NYC, Nov 2007


3 Young Designers | Studio Magazine: Design Issue, Spring/Summer 2014

Holy Holi | Hand/Eye Magazine, November 2011.
Rachel Miller's experience with India's Holi, the Festival of Colors.

In India
This blog documents Rachel Miller's teaching, research, and travels in India 2008 and 2010.
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